Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Great website for specific, quick, reviews

Conceptual Quick reviews Topics

Lab reviews

Lab outcomes and purposes

Outline from old tests but still effective

Quick review II


I hope this post finds you studying and feeling pretty confident about the test. I apologize I have been out the past two days, but hopefully you have worked w each other to continue to prepare.  I wish I were in class!!!

In planning review for THURSDAY and FRIDAY, please email me topics (be as specific as possible) so we can be as effective and efficient as possible on those days.

Review labs at lab bench ( see key websites section of blog)

Suggestions for test day
Get some sleep
Don't panic, there will be questions you will not know.
Manage your time 
Trust yourself (you are ready!)
Studies have been shown that cramming leads to greater anxiety than success.  
Pick one or two topics to review on Sunday
Don't over think
If you don't know it, skip it, and come back to it. Answer all questions!
FRQ-read ALL questions, write down thoughts to get an outline before you write your answer

See you tomorrow!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Evolution and Natural Selection

Biozone Review for Evolution and Natural Seleciton

Sources of Variation (Biozone 210:2, 211:3)  Nature of Mutations (213:Read) Gene Mutations (216:1-3) Sickle Cell and Cystic Fibrosis Mutation (218-219)

History (234-236) Adaptation and Fitness (237-238) Heterozygous Advantage (255)  Resistance (257)

History of Life on Earth (269-272)

Evidence of Evolution (274-279)

Phylogenic Trees (290-294) We will do in class on Monday

Taxonomy (296-306) 10 pages to help identify organisms

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Genetics Interactives and Web Help

Molecular Genetics

Proteins and Nucleic Acids
Read 3.4 (49-53)  Read 3.5 (54-56)
Biozone 88:1-2,  89:1-3, 90:1-3 (KEY FOR LAB), 91:Read, 92:1

Discovering the Genetic Material
Read 12.1 (215-219) for Tuesday 4/16
Biozone 98:1-3, 99:3, 100:1-2 (LAST YEAR THEY ASKED ABOUT siRNA in a FRQ...Ouch), 101:6; 102-104 (visual of DNA Structure)

Read 12.2 (220-222) for Wednesday 4/17
Biozone 105:Read; 106:1-6; 107:1-4; 108:1-2, 109-110 (visual of replication), 110_1-2

Genetic code of life/Transcription/Translation
Read 12.3-12.6 (223-234) for Thursday
Biozone 112:1-3, 113:1-4, 114:1-3, 115:1-3, 116:1-3, 117:1-2, 118-119 , 120:1-2 (Lab), 121:1-4, 122:1-2, 123:Read (lab), 124:1-4, 125:1-3, 126:1-3 (Lab), 127:Read (Alternative Lab), 128:1-6 (Lab),

p 235-236 Reviewing the Chapter (?s1-12) Testing Yourself (?s 1-15) DUE MONDAY 4/22 (new due date)

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Gene Regulation For Monday 4/22
Read 13.1 (238-240) Read 13.2 (241-247)
Biozone 193:Read, 194:1-4195:Read, 197:Read, 201:Read, 202:Read, 203:1-2, 204:1-3, 205:Read 1-2, 206:Read

Gene Mutations
Read 13.3 (247-250) For Tuesday 4/23
Biozone  199:1-3, 210:Read, 212:Read, 213:Read, 214:1-4

p 251-253 Reviewing the Chapter (?s1-13) Testing Yourself (1-19)  DUE WEDNESDAY 4/25


Read 14.1-14.4 (255 -266) for Thrusday 4/25
Biozone 129-141 (Read each page for applications of GMOs)

AP Review Guides

AP Review Guides

Barron's AP Biology (green)  MAKE SURE IT IS THE 4TH EDITION.  Barnes and Noble was selling both the 3rd and 4th edition.  $18.99  ISBN:978-0-7641-4692-3

Kaplan AP Biology (blue) MAKE SURE IT HAS THE "NEW FOR THE REVISED EXAM" STICKER ON FRONT COVER $17.99  ISBN:978-1-60978-711-0

Princeton Review (white/yellow) $18.99  ISBN: 978-0-307-94633-1

I have a copy of both in the classroom, you are free to look at it during class/SH/lunch/QRP

Neither is manditory!!